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Help for Designers, Boutiques and Brands:

Q) Who can sell with Runway Crush?


If you are an Independent Designer, Boutique or Brand you may be eligible to sell with Runway Crush. Please fill out our Boutique Application Form and one of our team members will get in touch with you shortly.


Q) What can I sell on Runway Crush?


You can sell authentic Independent Designs designed by you, your brand or boutique in any of the following categories: clothes, jewelry and accessories for men, women or both.


Q) Do I have to sign a contract to sell on Runway Crush?


No, we do not require designers, boutiques or brands to sign contracts because we are confident that you will love featuring your designs on Runway Crush. You can close your Boutique at any time


Q) Will you be adding more languages?


Yes, as we expand and have demand for more languages, we will be making the site bilingual.


Q) How much do I have to pay to be featured on Runway Crush?


The costs to feature your designs on Runway Crush are super low! Runway Crush only charges a low commission off each sale that is processed. This commission covers marketing, advertising and public relations along with many other bonuses for the designers. We do not charge any monthly or listing fees. You are only responsible for any transaction fees from PayPal, which are billed by PayPal upon Transaction.


Q) How do I prevent returns/exchanges?


Please ensure you provide shoppers with size charts and measurements whenever possible. Also, ensure to have detailed descriptions about every piece you are selling and always upload clear photographs.


Q) Do I charge Tax?


Certain provinces and states have different rules on charging tax based on your income thresold. Please check with your government office, tax office or accountant to confirm if you should be charging tax.  There is an option when setting up your boutique to add on your province’s or states' tax amount and just click enable when adding each product in your boutique.  If you do not need to charge tax, there is also an option to click No Tax.

Visit Canada Revenue Agency for more information:


Visit U.S Rates for more information:


Q) I am a new designer, which type of labels do I need to sell my designs?


Some helpful information for new designers and what you may want to include on the label:

  1. Fabric/Materials the item is made up of
  2. Your company/designer’s name
  3. Size
  4. Care Instructions
  5. Where the item was made

We have a link below with more labeling information from the Canadian apparel federation. You can contact them below if you want more detailed or specifc information.




Q) What should I include with the items I ship?


It is a good idea to include some information about the item that has been purchased, such as the cost, delivery, size and color. It is also nice to think about including personal notes or little individual touches that will help you gain positive feedback and make your customer feel special.

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