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Our feeds are being filled with some of fashion's most intriguing looks on the streets of fashion week. These street style stars have taken ...



Top Brunch Places Around Toronto

Who doesn't love brunch? I know that we do, that's why we have found the top 5 brunch places around Toronto Ontario.  To start off the #1 brunch place in Toronto is located in Liberty Village, Mildred's Temple Kitchen located at 85 Hanna Ave, Toronto, Ontario.  Mildred's Temple Kitchen does comfort food right, from delicious buttermilk pancakes to your most [...]

10 Best Summer Patios in Toronto

Toronto faces harsh winters that seem to get worse every year. That's why Torontonians make the most of our summers! This one got off to a late start, but the heat is official on! One of our favourite ways to celebrate gorgeous weather is by hitting the best patios in town. Why bother wearing summers hottest trends if you're sitting inside all day? Check the[...]

Summer Edge: KANDU Clothing plays with texture

Summer is a great time to pull out all the stops fashion-wise because we're free to dress however we want without having to add unecessary layers. We've picked our favourite new arrivals that have an emphasis on texture. These pieces are exciting because of what they're made of. Forget cotton t-shirts and demin jeans and dive into luxe materials that switch [...]
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